There are several types of safety razor machines. In this tip we are going to show two types of them, an its variants.

1.- Old Type head (with open or closed comb)

2.- Butterfly TTO mechanism (twist to open)





In the beginning, contrary to the most logical, the first "three piece" safety razors used to have the guard and the handle joined by a kind of rivet
at the top of the handle, which made the production more complicated.
After several years, the design of the handle changed to let the guard be free and allow an easier assembly.
On this kind of razors, the guard use to be like a "comb" when the razor has been produced before the 1940s.
On the decade of the 40s almost all of the razor brands become to produce "closed comb" guards.

Old type razors use to have three piece, with different variations:

1.- LONG SCREW MOUNTING or "Tube and guard" assembly (cap + tube and guard + inner tube)

The inner tube is composed of a inside barrel (soft texture) and a knob (knurled texture).


First three piece old type model with "tube and guard" in one solid piece



2.- SHORT SCREW MOUNTING or "Solid" handle (cap + guard + solid handle)

This solid handle is composed of tube and knob together, and this pieces are strongly attached to form one solid piece.
Now the comb guard is detached from the handle, and the inner tube has been removed.


Redesigned three piece old type model with detached guard
3.- "Two piece" old type razors

Some brands, like MERKUR Solingen, have an identical system like "long screw mounting", seems to have 2 pieces, but in this case there are 3 pieces because the inner tube and the handle are being mounted with an interior ring that keeps the inner tube inside, seems to be firmly assembled, but it can be dissasembled easy just pulling the knob out of the handle.

Merkur 34 C - image copyright

TTO TYPE (twist to open) SAFETY RAZOR

TTO razors have basically two parts: head and handle


Adjuster dial



Dial ring




Base plate

Center bar

Central shaft








Lather slots



End cap

Guard bar

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